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In winter, the desire to go for a run or go to the gym is significantly reduced, so other options are sought for aerobic training at home. Apart from cardiovascular machines such as spinning bikes or ellipticals, there are other simpler alternatives, but no less effective for that. In this case, we are going to talk to you about the mini fitness trampoline and how you can exercise on it.

In addition to the step, the jump rope, etc., this new device appears, the mini trampoline, which is presented as a good option to burn calories without leaving home. It is a small trampoline on which you can perform different movements while jumping. Among its many benefits, the following stand out: caloric expenditure, improved resistance, toning of the lower body or increased stability and balance. It is a very fun sport that does not exert a high impact on the joints, since the surface of the fitness equipment is soft.

Although this is a sport that is usually practiced in group classes in gyms, it can be used perfectly at home, in a comfortable and simple way. On YouTube you can find videos of online classes and perfectly follow the rhythm as if you were in a gym.

For those looking for new challenges, Power Jump has arrived, the new trend in fitness. Learn more about this form of exercise at home!

body jump with fitness trampoline


The Power Jump is the new style of cardiovascular exercise. It is usually practiced in group classes in which a mini trampoline is used as a tool to do a complete cardiovascular workout. This sport was born in Brazil and, little by little, it spread to other countries. It is characterized by the use of sports choreographies accompanied by modern and motivating music.

The sport on the fitness trampoline is recommended for people of any age, since it does not overload the back or the joints. With this fitness device, simple combinations of movements are made that are combined with songs so that the user has a good time while exercising.

The mini trampoline is a platform, normally rounded, with springs to support the jump of a single person and depending on its design, it can resist up to 100 kg.

Exercising on this trampoline is very entertaining and also offers great benefits, since it not only avoids major impacts that can affect the joints, but also enables toning, muscle extension and caloric loss.


The practice of Power jump or Body Jump provides numerous benefits for the physical and health. In addition, as it is performed on a trampoline that absorbs the impact, it does not generate future problems on the knees, heels, back or different joints.

Let's see some of the benefits of this sport over the fitness trampoline:

Lose weight

In Body Jump sessions, which usually last between 45 and 50 minutes, you can lose between 500 and 600 calories, making it a perfect activity to burn fat and lose weight in a fun way.

Lower body

In the Power Jump the lower body is worked a lot, managing to tone legs, buttocks and fight cellulite. The impact suffered by the ankles, knees and hips is less than in other activities, since the elastic trampoline reduces the impact.

Abdomen and balance

The elastic trampoline is an unstable surface and keeping your balance and jumping on it makes the abdominal muscles contract and work, so the Body Jump is also perfect for toning the abdominal area.


If you want to exercise while having fun and rediscover the child in you, the Body Jump is what you're looking for. Release endorphins and create a feeling of well-being with each jump.

Cardiovascular and pulmonary capacity

Being an aerobic exercise, it helps improve lung and heart capacity, strengthening cardiovascular endurance.


It stimulates lymphatic drainage which improves cellulite, blood circulation and digestion.

In addition to all this, fitness trampoline sports strengthen the lumbar muscles, the knee and hip joints. Take advantage of all this and get your ATAA Sports fitness trampoline now!


This sport basically consists of performing jumps, movements and choreographies with the sports trampoline, or with the incorporation of elements such as dumbbells, discs...

The requirement to practice the Power Jump is the trampoline, this must not be very large (more or less 110 cm of jumping surface), which must be composed of a rounded metal structure with springs.

One of the qualities of the Power Jump is that the intensity of the exercise can be perfectly regulated by oneself. Each person will demand in their training what they consider appropriate or what their physical conditions allow. In addition, with the rhythm of the music you can keep dancing and jumping all the time, following the choreography and the movements that mark the session.

Power Jump classes are very entertaining, since while you are jumping and exercising, you can follow the rhythm of the music, which will add extra fun to your sports session. Jumping all the time will give you a natural joy.


The fantastic ATAA Fitness PRO trampoline has a 110 cm diameter jumping surface that will provide you with great comfort in your Jump classes. It includes a support handlebar, to give dynamism to your classes and its 36 springs provide a clean and comfortable jump. This sports trampoline is perfect if you want to get in shape while having fun.

ataa fitness pro trampoline

After knowing everything about fitness trampolines to start practicing Power Jump or Body Jump at home, you can now buy the ATAA Fitness PRO super trampoline in our ATAA Sports online store, whether you are going to start practicing this sport or if you are already an expert in the field. Start getting fit in the funniest way!

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