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Elliptical bikes

At ATAA Sport we have the best professional and semi-professional cross trainers to train at home.

The cross trainer is a complete cardio

Machine which improves lung capacity. In addition, it helps to recover from injuries, as exercising on it has no impact on the joints.

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    Elliptical cross trainer...
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    Elliptical cross trainer...

    InBody Titan E1 semi-professional elliptical cross trainer perfect for high intensity home exercise This high-end elliptical cross trainer features a sturdy frame that provides fluid and intense movement to the user.  The InBody Titan E1 semi-professional elliptical cross trainer has an LCD screen with 24 different levels to monitor your workouts.   This elliptical cross trainer for home is ideal to complement high-level training and acquire greater anaerobic resistance.
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    InBody Titan E2 elliptical...
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    InBody Titan E2 elliptical...

    InBody Titan E2 elliptical cross trainer very powerful ideal for high intensity training sessions Super resistant and stable semi-professional elliptical cross trainer with monitoring system.  The high-end InBody Titan E2 elliptical cross trainer has 24 levels with 6 different programs and very practical extras.  Very powerful elliptical cross trainer for home , suitable for intense exercise of up to 30 h/week. 
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    Elliptical bike QM 1001
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    Elliptical bike QM 1001

    Elliptical bike QM 1001 ideal for high intensity exercise at home Elliptical bike indoor  made with the highest quality materials, very resistant and with 8 resistance levels. This indoor elliptical bike has dual-action motion handles that help work your arms and legs. The  elliptical   bike QM 1001 has practical extras to complete your semi-professional workouts.
Buying criteria for a cross trainer

If you are thinking of buying a cross trainer, there are some important points to consider:

  • Stride size.
  • Quiet drive system.
  • Maximum user weight.
  • Design of the trainer LCD screen.
Which is the best elliptical cross trainer for home?

To answer this question, there are two key points that you must take into account when choosing an elliptical trainer. Firstly, what you want to use it for, and secondly, what your budget is. You should also take into account the available space you have at home, as elliptical trainers are one of the largest fitness machines. Once you have everything clear, you can start training in your favourite place at home, at your own pace and with all the accessories you need to achieve results in a comfortable and easy way.

Criterios para comprar una bicicleta elíptica  

Si estás pensando en comprar una, debes tener en cuenta algunos aspectos importantes:

  •  Tamaño de zancada.
  •  Sistema de transmisión silencioso.
  •  Peso máximo del usuario.
  •  Diseño de la elíptica.
  •  Pantalla LCD.
¿Cuál es la mejor elíptica para el hogar?

Para responder a esta pregunta debes fijarte en dos puntos clave. El primero, para qué quieres utilizarla y, en segundo lugar, de qué presupuesto dispones. Además, deberás tener en cuenta el espacio del que vas a disponer, ya que la elíptica se encuentra entre las máquinas fitness más grandes. Una vez que tengas todo claro, puedes empezar a entrenar en tu lugar favorito de casa, a tu ritmo y, con todos los accesorios necesarios para conseguir resultados de manera cómoda y sencilla.

How much can a cross trainer cost?

As mentioned above, budget is an important part of the decision to buy a fitness machine. A mid-to-high end elliptical cross trainer will cost around €400 to €800. You should note that it is worth investing a little more to improve the quality and performance of the product. An elliptical trainer is an important purchase, as you are investing in health and wellness.

How to use the elliptical trainer?

Cross trainers are made up of two large bases where the feet are placed (pedals), as well as two hand grips to keep your arms moving during the exercise. The elliptical trainer is made up of a series of pulleys and bearings that generate a cushioned movement, avoiding the impact against the ground that takes place when running. The movement is constant and smooth, which makes it so peculiar.

How much space does an elliptical trainer need?

The question of whether a fitness machine fits at home is a common one. It is quite normal and justified, as it is a question that many potential buyers are concerned about. An elliptical trainer is usually about the following size:

  • Height: 1,50 m - 1,80 m
  • Width: 0.50 m - 0.70 m
  • Length: 1,60 m - 1,90 m
What are the benefits of the elliptical trainer?

The benefits of the elliptical trainer are many and we've listed them below. This machine works on endurance and tones several muscles, making it one of the fitness machines that helps you lose the most calories. Other important benefits:

  • Improves the cardiovascular system.
  • Helps to have a correct posture.
  • It has no impact on joints.
Which is the cheapest cross trainer?

We currently have two models of elliptical trainer available. The cheapest one is the InBody Titan E2, which has the best materials and extras for your workouts at home.

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