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Abdominal benches and accessories to exercise the abdominal area

Abdominal benches

The workout bench from ATAA Sports will help you to do more concentrated and tighter movements. This bench will help you to maintain the tension in the abdominal area and work the muscles in this area to the maximum.

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    Abdominal bench - SitUp
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    Abdominal bench - SitUp

    SitUp support, to do sit-ups, push-ups and squats at home. With Fitness SitUp, now you have the gym at home ★ EASY TO USE: Ergonomic design, thick rubber suction cup, strong suction, safer, more stable, height adjustable, easy to install, easy to use, increase freedom of movement. ★ USE: Support abs, exercise abdomen, support waist / abdomen / leg / body. Helps you do sit-ups, push-ups, kicks, sit-ups, yoga, and more. ★ LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT - Can be used at home or office to shape the body and trim the waist. It is also very suitable for traveling.
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