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    ATAA Power 100 Spinning Bike
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    ATAA Power 100 Spinning Bike

    Spinning bike - indoor cycle ATAA Power 100 model

    The ATAA Power 100 spinning bike is the big sister of the ATAA Power 100 spinning bike.

    Like its younger sister, this fitness bike has an LCD panel that monitors distances, speed, calories and a heart rate sensor.

    Of course it is also a bicycle with an ergonomic, padded and flexible saddle.

    The big difference is that this bike is lighter, so it can be easily transported thanks to its front wheels.

    It has a silent transmission system.

    Perfect for exercising at home.

  • €369.99 €224.99
    ATAA Power 300 Spinning Bike
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    ATAA Power 300 Spinning Bike

    The ATAA Power 300 indoor spinning bike

    It is designed for intensive use, facilitating pedaling and making them more fluid and intense, for the most professional training at an unbeatable price for a stationary and spinning bike.

    Its multifunction LCD screen will maintain the effort made for a while. All the necessary data will appear on the screen for you to fully control your training at all times, such as speed, time, calories burned, distance traveled or heart rate

  • €299.99 €209.99
    Spinning bike ATAA Power 50
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    Spinning bike ATAA Power 50

    Spinning bike ATAA Power 50 - Indoor cycle

    ATAA Power 50 Spinning Bicycle . For semi-professional use at home, with a heart rate monitor, LCD screen, adjustable straps and Variable Resistance.

    The ATAA Power 50 spinning bike is perfect for your home and for a complete aerobic and cardiovascular workout. This model has a built-in control panel with LCD screen, length adjustable and ergonomic saddle. The transmission system offers you a quiet and smooth pedaling.

  • €399.99 €269.99
    ATAA DJ 500 treadmill
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    ATAA DJ 500 treadmill

    Ultra-compact ATAA DJ 500 treadmill - home fitness

    ATAA DJ500 Electric Treadmill and Treadmill 440W Motor, Bluetooth Speakers, Adjustable Speed, LCD Display and Calorie Counter, Ultra Slim and Silent, Designed for Home / Office / Home Gymnastics

    【Multiple Speeds + LCD Screen】

    【Integrated Bluetooth Speakers】

    【Portable + Slim + Silent】

  • €26.99 €16.99
    Abdominal bench - SitUp
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    Abdominal bench - SitUp

    SitUp support, to do sit-ups, push-ups and squats at home. With Fitness SitUp, now you have the gym at home

    ★ EASY TO USE: Ergonomic design, thick rubber suction cup, strong suction, safer, more stable, height adjustable, easy to install, easy to use, increase freedom of movement.

    ★ USE: Support abs, exercise abdomen, support waist / abdomen / leg / body. Helps you do sit-ups, push-ups, kicks, sit-ups, yoga, and more.

    ★ LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT - Can be used at home or office to shape the body and trim the waist. It is also very suitable for traveling.

  • €169.00
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    Spinning bike ATAA ONE

    Elegant Disc Spinning Bike , ideal for burning fat, toning muscles and releasing stress.

    It has a meter screen for various parameters such as distance, speed, calories, etc.

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  • €499.99 €299.99
    Treadmill DJ1000
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    Treadmill DJ1000

    ATAA DJ1000 folding treadmill

    The DJ1000 Fitness treadmill is suitable for daily walking and moderate running sessions without leaving the house. suitable for a home workout to keep fit, cardio and keep your joints in shape.

    Equipped with a silent motor with adjustable speed up to 8 km / h

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