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Cheap professional and semi-professional home treadmills.

At ATAA Sports we offer our treadmills and treadmills from

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  • €399.99 €289.99
    ATAA DJ 500 treadmill
    • Reduced price
    16 Review(s) 

    ATAA DJ 500 treadmill

    Ultra-compact ATAA DJ 500 treadmill - home fitness

    ATAA DJ500 Electric Treadmill and Treadmill 440W Motor, Bluetooth Speakers, Adjustable Speed, LCD Display and Calorie Counter, Ultra Slim and Silent, Designed for Home / Office / Home Gymnastics

    【Multiple Speeds + LCD Screen】

    【Integrated Bluetooth Speakers】

    【Portable + Slim + Silent】

  • €499.99 €299.99
    Treadmill DJ1000
    • Reduced price
    14 Review(s) 

    Treadmill DJ1000

    ATAA DJ1000 folding treadmill

    The DJ1000 Fitness treadmill is suitable for daily walking and moderate running sessions without leaving the house. suitable for a home workout to keep fit, cardio and keep your joints in shape.

    Equipped with a silent motor with adjustable speed up to 8 km / h

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