Terms and Conditions

  • This website is managed by Ataa interactive sl
  • All the products that appear on this website are completely new, with the exception of the reconditioned cars that are cars from in-store display, the product file clearly informs whether it is a reconditioned car.
  • Price: All prices indicated are with VAT (21%) included
  • All products that are shown as "Available (in stock) are prepared for shipment, however if due to an error in the available stock we do not have the purchased product, from electroniccarriers.com we will call you to let you know, and you can choose another model available or request a refund of the amount paid.
  • You can make the payment of the products with credit / debit card or Paypal, cash on delivery or instant financing (Paga + Tarde). All card payments are made through the secure payment gateway RedSys (Cajamar). The cards accepted are Visa (Credit / Debit) Mastercard and Maestro.
  • This website has all the security measures and data encryption to guarantee the privacy of your data and transactions.
  • The expected delivery times are 24/72 peninsula hours and 3/4 Balearic days, except on Christmas dates where shipments could be delayed. Shipping charges include handling and packaging charges, as well as postage.
  • In the delivery period, Saturdays and Sundays are not counted. Orders placed before 4:00 p.m. leave the same day, orders received after 3:30 p.m. leave the next business day.
  • FREE shipping on all orders
  • The discounts and offers shown on our website are valid until December 31st.
  • All products have a two-year guarantee according to current Spanish legislation. In case you have received a product with some kind of malfunction, please write to us at info@ataasports.com and we will indicate the steps to proceed. In case defective parts have arrived, we will send you a replacement part free of charge.
  • Cocheselectronicosniños.com reserves the right to modify images of the products according to availability.
  • Product warranty for malfunction: 2 years.
  • Returns: Please review our return policy here
  • Cash on delivery order: We accept orders with cash on delivery. The orders that we receive with cash on delivery must be verified by an employee of Cocheselectricosninos.com before being sent, for this, a representative of the store will contact you by phone. Cash on delivery orders that do not indicate a contact telephone number will be automatically canceled.

Our cars and motorcycles:

All our cars and motorcycles are completely new and are sent in their sealed boxes (except for the reconditioned ones), although due to transport they may have some slight marks on the body due to friction with the protective plastics. When you make the purchase, you accept that these small marks may exist on the plastic parts.

You can exercise your right of withdrawal in the following 30 days after receiving the product, for this you must complete by sending us the following form: Withdrawal

- The seller is liable for any lack of conformity that appears within a period of two years from delivery.

- The consumer and user must inform the seller of the lack of conformity within two months of becoming aware of it.

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You can download the report on our Trust Code of Ethics online at the following link: Code of Ethics

Information on Disposal of Waste Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

It is not allowed to dispose of electrical and electronic equipment ("EEE"), in domestic waste containers or in any other that is not specifically intended for it or on public roads. Batteries and accumulators that are not attached to EEE must be separated from them. The User may deliver the batteries, after use and at their choice, at specific collection points. Waste EEE ("WEEE") must be accompanied by the following symbols to indicate that they comply with directive 2012/19 / EU, Royal Decree 110/2015 and other regulations that may be applicable ("WEEE Regulations") in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE"), including the identification of harmful substances, specifically "Cd" for Cadmium "Hg" for Mercury and "Pb" for Lead:

EEE symbol

Consequently, with the purchase of a Product that has the status of EEE, in accordance with the above, the User may deliver to the Seller a WEEE of an equivalent type (in the terms set out in the applicable regulations) at point delivery of the EEE or at the User's home where the EEE is supplied. In the event that the User requires the collection of WEEE at their home, they must request it through customer service by calling 968 411 444. The User must complete the corresponding proof of collection of WEEE that you will find by clicking here print it and enter it duly completed. in the package together with the EEE product / s.

In the event that the delivery of WEEE is not made at the User's address, the User will have a period of thirty (30) calendar days to deposit the WEEE at a point of sale in the Vendor's network of establishments, having to exhibit On the day of delivery of the WEEE, within the aforementioned period, the simplified invoice accrediting the acquired EEE.

The User must package the EEE safely for transport, using a stable package that prevents the movement of the interior elements, being able to do so and if necessary, fill the package with filling elements (for example, newspapers). The User must ensure that in the shipment of EEE they are separated from the batteries and accumulators that were removable, as well as to eliminate their corresponding personal data.

The provisions of this section are carried out without prejudice to the right of the User to freely deposit WEEE at no cost at the collection points specifically established by the Local Authorities and Manufacturers of EEE in accordance with the provisions of current regulations.