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Buying home treadmills is a good investment for those who want to get in shape without going to the gym. Sometimes we don't have time to go to a sports center but we want to exercise. Imagine having your own treadmill at home!

You could take advantage of your free time at home to do sports and you would not have to go to the gym. Now is the perfect time to buy your semi-professional treadmill and stop making excuses! Start enjoying all the benefits of doing cardiovascular physical exercise and start to see the results in your daily resistance and your health.

The moment you decide to start a daily routine of physical exercise, your body begins to feel good inside and out. Running is one of the most effective workouts for both losing weight and improving your physical performance; an electric treadmill, facilitates your day to day; It is a semi-professional gym machine with which you can perform high intensity workouts and reach your goals effectively.


A great way to combine a healthy diet with exercise is to have a gym machine at home . This helps you save time going to and from the sports center, it is practical because it provides you comfort by being able to place it wherever you want and while you run, you can watch television or listen to your favorite music. Having your own semi-professional treadmill at home will encourage you to do a little sport every day, whether it's in the morning or at the end of the day.

You can look for routines on your own or consult with sports and nutrition professionals; there are many workouts adapted to all body types and physical needs . If you are starting to exercise it is important that you regulate the speed to your resistance level; start with sessions of short or medium duration (between 10 and 15 minutes) , so little by little you can increase the intensity and time of exercise. In each workout you will feel a significant improvement in your body, and it can become your moment of disconnection from work or a busy day.


In our online store you can buy this home treadmill , ideal to start doing sports in the comfort of your home. It is foldable, so it is discreet and fits anywhere. Suitable for running and also for walking; It features a silent motor with adjustable speed (up to 8km / h ), maxi-grip running surface to provide a better full running experience, and foam grip arms. In addition, it also has a magnetic emergency stop system and an LCD screen that provides useful information to monitor training (speed, calories, time, distance ...), it is one of the most effective home treadmills , as it provides up to 7 training programs. Other useful accessories: holder for tablet or mobile and holders for 2 bottles. It has a load capacity of up to 100kg.

If you prefer to walk, with this tape you will not need to go out; you can take walks from the living room and in comfortable clothes . This home treadmill is portable, slim, and very quiet . It stands out for its simplicity and ease of use. It is foldable and has different speeds, from 1 km / h to 6 km / h (in case you decide to run a bit in the end), it also features an intelligent adaptive suspension system. It has an LCD screen to monitor training with a remote control that facilitates its control. It has integrated Bluetooth speakers and has a load capacity of up to 110 kg.

treadmills for home

Whether you like to run or prefer to walk, these home gym machines are a great choice with which you can exercise your muscles and start changing your habits for healthier ones. We recommend that you always accompany your training with a balanced diet and regulate your efforts according to your daily performance to achieve your goals in a healthy way and appropriate to your needs. Buying an electric treadmill for home in our online store is a very successful option because it provides you with effective monitoring systems of your performance levels and great daily comfort.

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